Here’s A Bulk Pack Of 15 Jokes That Will Make Every Costco Shopper Laugh

When the first Price Club opened in 1976, it was the beginning of a revolutionary idea that would change grocery shopping forever: what if you took everything from a regular store, made the packages large enough to feed a family of 12, then dropped it all in a warehouse that people could get lost in.

Against all odds the company was a success, and it’s since been absorbed into Costco, the brand we all know and love (and hate) today.

Every weekend, 85 million card-carrying members crowd into stores around the world to scoop up bargains.  If you’re one of them, you’ll get a kick out of these jokes about the bizarre experience of shopping at Costco.

1. We’ve all made a few impulse buys that we regret

2. Okay, more than just a few

Why do they even sell kayaks?!

3. It’s hard to stay productive when they’re handing out Graham Crackers

4. Eventually you just get bored and start messing around

5. It seems like they change the layout every single day!

6. How about when you get into a disagreement over free samples of Nutella and get sent to jail?

That one isn’t a joke, it really happened. People take those free samples very seriously.

7. Taking a whole cart full of free samples and calling your boss to tell him you pulled it off

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8. This poor retiree’s last trip to Costco (or why you shouldn’t bring grandpa to do the groceries)

9. Talk about “one-stop shopping”

10. “Who, me? No, I’ve never been to this store before….”

11. They really should think up some plan to keep them out

12. Got to keep your eyes peeled for those mini-waffles

13. Wait until you see the bottle of suntan lotion

14. Okay, I think that 4th hot dog was one too many

15. Good luck leaving the store without a metric ton of toilet paper that you don’t need

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