Poach Your Fish Like This For Out-Of-This-World Flavor

If you’re looking for a different, creamier flavored fish, look no further than your refrigerator. Rather than poaching hearty fish like salmon, halibut or tuna in oil, wine or butter, try using whole milk.

According to senior editor, Andy Baraghani, “milk opens up a whole new flavor when poaching fish…intensely herbaceous, creamy…” sounds delicious.

Milk has high fat content, which makes it better than wine or water at absorbing flavor. It blends beautifully with herbs and other aromatics that you toss in with your fillet.

If you really want to get creamy, succulent fish, try cooking with whole milk. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try half and half. We promise, you’ll never cook salmon in oil again.

Try it out with this simple and delicious delicious Poached Cod recipe, also called Morue a l’Anglaise.

[Source: bon app├ętit ]